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Default ugh...nicotine sickness

Well, today i had my first chewing tobacco ever, techinically i dont think its chew, but whatever, i had the Camel Snus pouch and got quite a buzz from it, considering i have had no nicotine in 3 days. Well i wanted to continue the buzz so i got home and smoked some Nakhla, bad choice...It was awesome for about 10-15 min then i started feeling sick, so i turned off my computer and sat at my bed just smoking a little more, and I almost threw up, i had to hold it back..Yea, not the best feeling in the world, reminds me of when i first tried hookah. So moral of the story....get your nicotine tolerance up before you try to do a double whammy. The worst part was that I was contemplating putting in a pouch while i smoke, that prolly would have made me throw up. But whatever, all is good now.
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