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Default Re: ugh...nicotine sickness

hmmm, well, ya you have a low tolerance. the snus pouches are tinny and not much nicotine compared to the lose american type chewing tobaccos.

snus, while a chewing tobacco/oral tobacco, is totally different than american tobaccos. it is not fermented, its meant to be placed in the upper lip and not spit with. it is supposed to give the nicotine of 1-2 cigs over 30 mins. while dip is fermented, longer cut, and you take a larger pinch and spit with it and will give nicoine of 3-5 cigs over 30-60 mins supposedly. snus is a totally different style of tobacco and while similar, most of its qualities are much different.

i would bet that honestly it wasnt that you have a low tolerance but the fact that you had never had tobacco juice in your stomach. honestly i cannot bring my self to gut snus, it just kind of feels weird to me (plus the fact i have dipped a while) so i just spit, but once i spit it out and spit once im fine where as with dip i cannot help but want to brush my teeth when im done

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