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Default Re: Alcohol in the base?

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post

I was at a party and we had a 50 gallon barrel filled with juice, we had no alcohol so a few friends left to get some, as people showed up to the party, they drank the juice thinking it had alcohol. We got back and everyone was "drunk" when really it was just the sugar buzz that was heightened by the dopamine released of actually partying. We then added alcohol to it and people were all confused and then we told them that there was none, everyone sobered up just like that, even though they were already sober.

at least thats my interpretation of it..

'edit: fuck i just burned my hand on the
Wtf... could they not smell the juice and tell there was non.. LMAO

but yeah not all people react to things the same and there are different variables that can be attributed to adding alcohol in the base such as people increasing the amount of shisha they smoke trying to get a buzz from the alcohol which then increase the nicotine and then could trigger increase in serotonin and opiate levels

All I know is that I put alcohol in there and nothing happened and I was like I could of just takin the Fu**ing shots instead... stupid idea in my opinion
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