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Default Re: Shisha Health Test

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
yeah, i read probably the same study ... they said smoking 1 hookah is as harmful as smoking up to 100 cigarettes ...
so stupid ...
At least they should come up with something plausible .... Like .. say the smoke is 90 degrees C before it hits the water .... I could believe that .... but 450 C? it would melt metal ..... Boiled water is 100 C and no one can dare to let boiled water touch their lips/tongue/mouth/throat ..... Propane gas ovens usually go up to 200 C and I myself can't stand the hot air coming out of them when u let them bake something for a few hours .... Now 450 C ? and inhaled deeply into the lungs? that would literally cook your respiratory tract and your entire mouth !!
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