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Default Re: Shisha Health Test

Here is a little article I found:

First, before even considering such articles and reports, one must recognize socio-political bias. If the report is American/British/Canadian, then it is likely to be biased due to the influence of our tobacco companies on the global economy. Let us be realistic, Philip Morrison controls significant quantities of the tobacco industry and would rather our youth be hooked on his products than anything else. That being considered, this article was written by a neutral third party.

I prefer the common sense approach to things like alcohol/drugs/food.

Getting food in a restaurant is less healthy than getting food at home.
Smoking is less healthy than not smoking. tobacco is a drug and is indeed very similar to *********, in the sense that it is burned to release a toxin which causes an affect. No matter how you smoke it, it is obviously unhealthy.

Recognize that smoking is smoking, and is never a good thing... That being said, my hookah is a tasty treat once in a while.
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