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Default Re: Desi Merli Rules!

The article FirePro84 cited is more suitable for black style moassel like Zaghloul or Salloum Plain.

Basically the way you prepare DM is as follows:

I use a small funnel with a mod or a vortex for this tobacco.
Desi Merli is pure tobacco with no liquid content so you need to mix a 1/4 teaspoon of both glycerin and molasses with the amount that will fill the bowl. When you mix it be sure to have wet fingers. Pack the bowl with the fluff method. After putting the foil on use a pin to get 4 holes in a line space the lines every 3/8" or so. Use 6 half pieces of 3 kings or 4 pieces of natural finger coal to start and wait about two minutes before drawing on the hose.

This tobacco will not produce as much smoke as you’re used to but the taste is excellent and very strong so forget about big clouds and deep inhales. Smoke as you would a cigar and take plenty of breaks while drinking a lot of water and eating some fruit as you would with any other shisha. Let the smoke drift up past your nose as you release it from your mouth to get the full taste.

Be sure to rotate the coals every 5-7 minutes.

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