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I've been smoking tombac for a lot of years now and I know a little about it. First of all it should be noted that unless it's made in Isfahan (a province in Iran) it's not going to taste like actual Isfahani tombac. Most of what you can buy in the West is actually made in Jordan or India but those products are still very enjoyable.

Anyways, the way that is stuff is typically prepared is not how it's been shown in the videos that are floating around.

They basic procedure is as follows:

1) cut off a section of the brick fits the diameter and height of your bowl.
2) Soak in water until the leaf is supple.
3) Vigorously squeeze the the leaf until no water drips from it.
4) Pull out the stems as they have way more nicotine then the rest of leaf and inhibit even burning and taste harsh.
5) Pile up the lose leaf in the bowl using the mid sized leaf on the bottom, the smaller fragments in the center and the largest pieces at the top. Doing so lowers ash production and prevents bits of tombac falling down your stem. Make sure the leaf is loosely piled and not packed down.
6) Heat enough coals to cover all or nearly all of the surface area of the tombac.
7) Once the tombac is smoking rotate the coals to get an even burn pattern and brush away the ash as it develops.

Note: Tombac has great flavours but if you are used to smoking crap like SB/Fantasia it will knock you flat if you inhale as normal. Smoke slowly and inhale shallowly or not at all. Drink lots of fluids and eat fruit when you smoke tombac and wait at least 30 seconds between drags.

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