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Originally Posted by cardevi View Post
Ok, here is the deal. I went out today to give myself a nice Father's Day treat. So, I go to my local middle eastern neighborhood deli and I buy myself a 250 gram tub of my favorite flavor... AL FAKHER GRAPE!! At least it used to be my favorite flavor!!! It didn't smell like ketchup, but it sure as hell didn't smell like the grapey goodness I was acustomed to treating my nasal passages to. Decided to give it a smoke anyway, and I ruined my own Father's Day!! What a friggin disaster, it tasted like absolute shit and I was very pissed I waited an hour and a half, let the tub acclimate, stirred the tobacco (which made it smell worse if you could believe that!)and again same results!!! I am sending this to the distributor and I want them to tell me that the tub I have is ok. This is completely unacceptable and if the distributors continue to ignore the issue, then more drastic measures must be implemented. I believe in one of the previous threads, somebody mentioned that the distributor said that only people on the forums were complaining... WELL HELLO, PEOPLE THAT AREN'T ON A FORUM HAVE NO OTHER METHOD TO AIR OUT THEIR GRIEVANCES, SO OF COURSE MOST OF THE COMPLAINTS WILL BE FROM SMOKERS THAT ARE PART OF A FORUM!!! Until this flavor issue is fixed, I will never again smoke AF GRAPE... EVER!!!! I HAVE NO AL FAKHER GRAPE!!!
yeah ere flavours have really gon down hill, except mint
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