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Default Re: Does hookah etiquette exist?

Originally Posted by speel View Post
I'm far from a middle eastern decent ( italian to be specific ) and I see articles all over about hookah etiquette in the middle east but is this just all whooplah or does it really exist back in the middle east, I'm really curious.
Yes, it does exist in the Middle East, Turkey and Turkmenistan. In big city cafes that cater to young adults and tourists etiquette is sort of lax but it's still there and the venal environment one sees Occidental cafes is basically absent. In big city cafes that are by and for older people etiquette is more serious you'll be expected to act accordingly. In rural areas cafes are very serious about etiquette and you best behave or be ready to leave quickly.

The cafes I prefer to frequent are fairly conservative in that they segregate according to sex and what exactly one smokes. They don't allow you leave the hose dangle or placing the narghile on a table and things like blowing smoke rings is seen as vulgar. There is a bunch of other customs/folkways about smoking but it varies depending upon where you are and some times the patrons/owners are willing to cut foreigners more slack then the locals.
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