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I tried some AF not too long ago. Got some of their sweet melon, and the grape. The SM smelt rancid. chemically, fruit gone bad nastiness. I sent it back. The grape, fared alittle better, but it still tasted nasty. its got a sickeningly sweet undertone to it, that made me feel ill. Anyone who smelt me smoking it, commented on the nasty smell. The SM was made in 2007, the grape in 08.. Needless to say, I'll pass on trying AF again anytime soon. The cut was horrible, more stems then leaves almost. assloads of dye, and it didn't really smoke that great any way. I got bigger clouds of of romman than that AF crap.

Get some Nakhla or Tangiers, and get a good smoke... Also, Layalina Grape isn't too bad either, much better than AF grape was for sure.
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