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Default Tobacco prices going up

We have all heard about the tax increases for April, right. Well some of the manufacturers have decided to jump on the FU band wagon as well, meaning they think this is the perfect time to jack anyone they can. We could expect no less from SB as they have raised wholesale prices but not retail, so you do the math, our wholesale prices go up in addition to taxes going up but the price is supposed to remain to you guys $19.99, and anyone online is able to bring the price lower due to the nature of competition. Well, I for one will be clearing out all of my SB inventory as planned, however today I got news that Nakhla is doing the same thing. In addition to taxes raising our prices, now Nakhla has decided to increase as well. Get ready for $10 a box Nakhla folks.
Sorry folks, taxes are one thing and raising prices is another. If the tobacco companies would raise their prices at a time other than when we are getting a tax raise it would ease the pain, don't you think?
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