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Default Homade Shisha

Ok guys ive been trying for a few weeks to make shisha with many failed attempts. Maby some one can help. Here it is ive tried any amagnable flavor there is and many methods and the one thing i cant make happen is to get the sweetness like many shishas have to come through. I did make a really really good chocklet mint but would be even better if i could get a bit more sweetness to come through. I have got many shishas that have a ton os very thick smoke for over a 2 hour time span but not much for sweet or flavor im wondering if I need to be using more glycerin. besides that i think i got everything else correct. ive seen the vedios and tried every thing from honey real molasis sugar syrip mixture and so on and no luck just wondered if any one else has had any luck. Im smoking some as im writiing this and may have found the secret touch witch is allot more glycerin but wanted some opinions aslo i was wondering if there is a point that you could get to much glycerin and have ILL efects on your health.

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