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Default Re: Tobacco prices going up

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Well i guess it's good to know that all the cigars in my collection will be worth even more! Yay Opus X!

But I have been stocking up as of late, and you guys are lucky, at least you can still BUY tobacco online. Soon It will be illegal for me. Obama can suck my thang if he signs this bill.
My understanding is that the costs of RYO tobacco and what ever the government deems to be "big cigars" will see such an astronomical increase in price that those markets will virtually cease to exist. Not only will excise tax revenue for those industries plummet but the layoffs/closures will drive down revenue from income and state sales taxes and cost a pretty penny for unemployment claims.

I wonder if all of the Obama worshiping university students are up to living a life of austerity and if they understand that their great grandkids will be making interest payments on the "stimulus" in perpetuity?
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