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Default Re: GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!!

If you want hit me up with your choices I will see what kindof deal I can give you. I would say Go Mya. We can always convert it to 2 3 4 hose cheaply. Best of all mysa that start with one hose will always have a connection that does n ot have a Bearing it in. Thats the one you want. You get a couple neat parts with that hose. First off it will hit just a bit better from that connection then the ones with the bearings also Imagine hom much fun it is to blow smoke in unsuspecting friends faces. Their look is priceless. Yea I do it daily to people with my MYA.

Now the only questions left is size/ Color. I have a MYA distributor here so if on the off chance I dont have it in stock and thats pretty off I can get it. The added hoses or connectors will let it smoke like a one hose when people are not around but when you have a bunch of people over like we do you can smoke multi Hose. I happen ( Yea Yea Just happen) to have a converted 4 hose MYA thats bad ass here Amber and gold. Converted to 4 hose. Just looking for a good home.

If anyone wants to see it let me know I will get some pics posted of it.

Thanks again, Neal, Holly
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