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Default Again!!! Are you serious!! lets say a week after i got my hookah, my sister tries to move it and grabs it from the top and smash the vase broke...okay whatever she bought me a new one

>>>Fast Foward>>>
so yesterday,i just finished smoking some blue mist and doing my philosphy homework. So im inside with my friend and my sister comes home. Right when im about to open the garaged door, i hear a crash. Walk out and what do i see you ask? Vase number 2 explored all over out 4 car garage, thats a lot of distance. So im like omfg i told you grab it from the bottom! She was so sorry, cause she did it just slipped. So now i gonna have to get a 3rd vase! and right when i was gonna sell mine and get another guys km. i have a 28in egyptian btw. So yea.. everything i own my sister car..omg dont even get me started on the dents on it all cause of her...well yup

does anyone have an extra vase i can buy off them!
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