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Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
For retail and wholesale, right?

If its only $1 increase, why are we freaking out over a 250 gram tub? lol

I'd freak out if it was $10+ for 250. But c'mon now, its only a dollar.

If it ends up being a few bucks increase, honestly, wtf are we freaking out about? :P

Look at the other countries who have taxes, like Australia and Canada for example. I'm sure our new taxes are HEAVEN compared to what they have to pay.

I could be wrong, but if they increase is only a dollar, imo, there really is no reason to freak out unless you buy 5 250 gram tubs every 3 weeks or something.
Those prices are just for the tax increase. any one upping the price more than that is just taking advantage.

i am pretty sure these numbers are accurate, not 100% just pretty sure.

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