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Default Re: NEW RIG, my first NOUR!

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
I won't dispute that for the time being, but with water that high isnt water splashing into the hose ports a problem?

srry for threadjack.
if you fill too high yes, the water splashes up. Yes, there is less leeway with this method. But as long as you don't fill to high, its not an issue. After you get a new hookah, you fill it up, and you can see the line on the base where you want to fill it up to, in your head of course....basically, the smoke stays near the top here.

With longer downstems, you still have the stem submerged under just as much water, so the smoke is exposed to pretty much the same amount of water. All you are doing is storing more smoke above the water.

As for the total amount of smoke the user gets, it will be the same. You will displace just as much by inhaling. I never understood what the big deal for you guys was. I think you just like the look of more smoke in the base.

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