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Default Re: what got u started???

a good 2-3 years ago when i was in high school, under 18 at the time, my brother brought one home. Never really thought much about it because i only saw it once, then one day i found it in his room and found a instruction how to thing on it, i set it up and then went online and looked at how to pack it ect and light coal. Lol, so my brother comes home to his 16 year old bro (me) sitting there with a hookah watching a movie. But after that first time i smoked it, i got hooked on it all summer long. Then he took it back to school...two years later i turned 18 and felt this overwheling feeling of independence and i bought some snus and then remembered about hookahs. So i joined the forums and did research on hookahs and bought myself a syrian. Now i feel that i have mastered the packing technique for multiple variations and brands/bowls. I am proud to be a Hookah smoker.
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