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Default Re: Golden Coals....

i'm actually a fan of golden QL. the "quik-lite" brand coals that i got with my hookah were pretty horrible - they'd spark up all over and smell horrible and chemically, and even after 5 min of blowing, still refused to heat up red hot. i ended up having to butane torch each coal until it was red, absolutely horrible.

then i upgraded to golden QLs. 1000x better, no joke. it was such a literal breath of fresh air (with delicious taste, of course). goldens light extremely quickly and actually light up, the smell isn't so bad WHEN its self-lighting, and very very very minimal taste [campfire-y smokey undertone taste - not necessarily a deal breaker] and thats only noticeable after having gone through a box and a half of exoticas.

and yes of course when you light them they're going to sparkle and smoke and pop drop and lock it, that's how it lights itself lol

i still have half a box of golden QLs left for when i can't carry around my "portable" coil burner, and honestly, if people hadn't always posted that QLs taste like shit after having nats, then i never would have noticed the QL taste [ZOMG BLASPHEMY NO WAIZ]

yes waiz. anyway, golden QLs are really quite nice. yea of course no QL is gonna be on par with a natural coal, but out of all the QL coals out there, you could do a hell of a lot worse than goldens.

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