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Default Re: Alcohol in the base?

Originally Posted by HookahCody View Post
Anyone ever tried Listerine in the base? Minty!!
frothy bubbley up your hose and stem much? not to mention all the other chemicals that are in listerine..if yer looking for mint in the base, just buy some mint extract. cheap and 4-5 drops goes a LONG way...and all you need is sink water

i DID however try peach schnapps [no water] with JM peach shisha..slightly more peachy taste which was nice, but there was also this other weird flavoring, not alcohol, not shisha flavoring. like photolinger said, it was slightly harsh [not burned shisha] and something weird, but not quite a buzz....

considering the price of alcohol, i'd rather NOT leave it to live the rest of its sad life in a hookah base and i'd rather have it down the hatch. plus it could get sticky and annoying to stick with cold or iced water [and NEVER milk, yech def not worth the cleanup]

ps - watch out for bubbly and frothy juices...sigh @ 10+ minutes of cleaning time for a full scrubdown

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