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Default Secret Santa!!!

well how about we have a secret santa thing on the forum. Post up your names and pm me an address with your name. i will then add everyone to a hat and pair them up. You will send people a random hookah gift. it can be a new tub, mass samples, a new hookah, whatever you want really but just package it up and ship it out. to make sure people dont get gypped i may have a minimum of something like 50g of tobacco or a 5 dollar minimum or something.

well lets see how this goes.

yes i know there should be more of a wishlist from people but i wanted this to be random presents so someone doesnt have to go out and buy new tobacco and hope they get it in time to mail our. that or they can change the shipping address to the other persons place. blah need to work this detail out.

the limits:
100g minimum of tobacco or 7 dollars of hookah accessories. no limit on what you can do

edit: the secret santa deal is done now. all the information was sent out.
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