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Default Re: GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!!

Totally agree with you Zensilk! And I just want comment on what speel said about the glass bases... Although this may in fact be true, I don't see how someone could have their current Mya base break on them...The person must be EXTREMELY clumsy/careless for their Mya base to break. And I'm saying this because my pyramid Mya base is actually thicker and heavier than my Egyptian hookah base ... Yeah, weird huh? This is why when someone says that all Mya bases are thin and fragile, I just don't seem to understand why.

I smoke with my Mya outdoors 99.9% of the time. It definetly recieves the potential for A LOT more abuse than a hookah that is constantly being smoked indoors (safer to an extent). I'm really careful with it, and I always place a thick towel underneath it, and this is why my base has never come into any type of situation where it may break... As long as the owner takes the proper measurements to care for the base, it will NEVER break. You can't really throw around a glass base and be careless with it and expect it to last. In the end it's just
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