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Default Re: For all the Nakhla Haters: new Socialgroup!

i think nakhla is the new tangiers with the hate bandwagon. it used to be that people were left and right bashing tangiers and now its nakhla.

i dont understand why people hate nakhla, at least with tangiers people have the reason of acclimating and it not being consistent enough because of that but nakhla doesnt have those issues. yes nakhla has an almost tickle, not like tangiers, and ya it gives more buzz and a little less smoke that others but thats not a reason to hate the tobacco.

there are plenty of brands i choose not to smoke (like AF due to the issues with flavors and the way the flavors are or HH/HF because of the lower quality tobacco and the weird taste it gives) but i dont say i hate them because there is no reason to.

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