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Default Re: Comming Ban on Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
all the articles mention cigarettes, i see nothing about shisha, or even flavored pipe tobacco.
It doesn't have to mention anything other than cigarettes. Just like the law they wanted to pass to ban 50 caliber guns (like the Barrett). For those who don't know much about guns and see the media crap where they show guys blasting through old car bodies from a mile away, it sounds like a good idea to them. Those scary 50 caliber weapons, no normal person needs one of those! The truth is if that bill was passed they would also take away 50 caliber and bigger black powder/muzzleloaders. These weapons are used by millions of hunters and do not have a range of a mile or more, but due the the size of the projectile they would be lumped in the same category. What I'm saying is a law that doesn't spell out exactly what is targeted, is open for interpretation. I for one do not want the government to interpret anything. They are ham handed, short sighted bastards, at best.
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