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Default Re: Question about KM hoses

Originally Posted by mitchard View Post
I do not get ghosting in either of my KM ultimates. After months of use (and I am assuming even more as I got both used) I have not had any ghosting issues at all. Maybe for the first couple hits I will get a slight taste if the last flavor was stronger, such as mint of kashmir, but it goes away when the bowl gets going. Nothing ever sticks around for longer than 3 pulls.

Better feeling draw than the razan/nammor, and not ugly. KM ftw.

I am still debating between getting another KM hose (probably one of the leather ones with the crossed lacing on the handle) or a razan. I have used a razan before, but want to actually get one to see how well it hold up over time. I might just get a Grand if I go washable though. I haven't head anything about them falling apart, and they seem to work just as well.
x2 on the whole post

I would get a razan for a glass tip!
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