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Default Re: Comming Ban on Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
honestly hajo i think it is blown a bit out of proportion (and i mean no offense at all by any of this), ya people are trying to take it away but people also try to take away guns, and then people freak out, stock up on stuff and the price jumps any way.

people over react whit these types of things, im not saying that we should not pay attention if these things start going through congress but i think its like a full ban on gun/abortion/alcohol, it wont happen and even if some how it did it wouldnt work, the black market would boom (and frankly if we established a black market for common items like tobacco i think that things will slip in that are much worse than tobacco)

I think you're not getting how these things take effect. Basically what happens is that when a tax increase comes a long a people say "what's the big deal if the cost of cigs go up by 5%, I can afford it." What they don't understand is that the actual cost increase is a lot more for the reasons i've explained several times else where.

When it comes to the ban on flavoured tobacco what happens is your typical Camel or pipe smoker says "It won't effect me, nothing I smoke is fruit flavoured" while people here say "surely the government won't take my moassel away, they only want to ban flavoured cigarettes". Mean while the government says "the law says flavoured tobacco is banned so goodbye pipes, flavoured cigarettes/cigars and hookahs." The public says "well I heard on TV we need to ban flavoured tobacco to protect the children so I guess it's a good idea." Lastly we have folks like you saying "well it would never happen" but history demonstrates otherwise so....

Bottom line is the public at at large could either care less if flavoured tobacco is banned or they like the idea as does the media, the president a very powerful anti tobacco lobby and a big chunk of Congress. Assuming it will all work for best is wishful thinking and delusional.
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