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Default Re: Alcohol in the base?

Originally Posted by stolenbythesky View Post
Chemistry/physics nerd here. Boiling point of pure ethanol is 173F, at one atmosphere of pressure. Since ethanol is (obviously) fully miscible in water, you would probably see greater results with a higher proof (lower in water content) liquid. Water boils at a much higher temperature in 0%H (at 1atm.) air, and has a higher vapor pressure than alcohol does. The suggestion of everclear is probably the best and safest idea. The drunk, as stated, is not really drunk, it's a statistic drunk. You will not feel as if you should be blowing a .11 BAC, because your blood simply is not .11% alcohol. If you're really going for gold with this, render pure ethyl alcohol by boiling a bottle of vodka in a *** at 173F.

If you want to get drunk from hookah. You can put down the coals and molasses, cover your bowl with saran wrap, fill the base to your desired level with alcohol, and drop a few pieces of dry ice in it. Frozen CO2 is cold enough to bond with H20(water), and C2H60 (ethanol), as it vaporizes, resulting in a very smoky in appearance carbon hydroxide vapor. It will blow itself out of your hoses, you barely need to inhale. If you can manage to get some air in your lungs with it, you'll feel quite drunk for a few minutes.
interesting dry ice idea
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