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Default Re: Comming Ban on Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
Sec. 907 a1 is the only part of this bill that I found to address flavored tobacco, this part of the bill is labeled as a special rule for cigarettes. While it does give the secretary power over the interpretation of this section, I would see the tobacco lobby influencing a limitation on that particular facet as it strikes far too close to Menthols, even though they are technically exempt in the current text.

I personally am not concerned about this bill passing. Or it having any effect on our shisha should it (by some miracle) pass.
You do know that both the surgeon general and the secretary of the department of health are fully in favour of absolutely every anti-tobacco measure that has ever been proposed don't you? You do know that both have publicly spoken out on the evils of hookahs don't you? You do know that establishing a legal precedent for banning certain forms of tobacco will make it a lot easier to ban other forms of tobacco don't you? Assuming you know all of that i'm a bit confused why you think that they won't interpret the ban to be on anything not specifically exempt ?
You do know that no one thought that the SCHIP tax increases would be passed don't you? You do know that no one thought the ban on flavoured cigarettes would happen in New Jersey don't you? Explain to me again why you think this bill won't pass? Is it because the media, the congress, the president or the public is so pro-tobacco? Perhaps you haven't noticed that anti-tobacco legislation basically sails through Congress with no meaningful opposition?

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