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Default Razan hose...poor quality...broken tip?

Ok here's the deal, got my Razan sultan from John with my order about a week ago. When I took it out of the bag, the hose itself seemed decent quality but the tip wasn't perfect. Slight imperfections etc. I can get over that pretty easy. But today I barely tapped it on my desk and it broke in two right along one of the carved grooves. I admit it was my bad for letting it hit the desk, but it's acrylic and would think it could stand more than that. I'm serious when I say it was just a tap. Then I went to pull out the broken tip from the hose, and the grommet came out with it, the glue just gave way. Easy fix with some hot glue, but not the point.

Normally these things wouldn't bother me too much if the hose was a year old. But it's a week old and been used only a few times. I've got no problem buying a new tip, but I would think for a $25 hose the tip would be a bit more durable than that.

So anybody else notice this with Razan? Where can I get a tip only, if it comes down to having to buy a whole new hose, is Nammor any different, or does it have the same kind of tip?

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