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Default Re: Comming Ban on Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Lakemonster View Post
There is a similar type ban on flavored cigarettes in place in New Jersey from what I understand.

A flavored tobacco ban would also kill pipe tobacco as it is in fact flavored ("cased" is the industry term).

As for the sidetalk on firearms. As it stands, you cannot have a rifled barreled weapon that takes modern cartridge ammunition over .50 caliber.

The idea of restricting muzzleloaders to .50 cal and under would really do harm to primitive hunters and Rev/Civil war rein actors. Civil war rifles were generally at .69 cal or better on the bores. Muskets and rifles of smaller caliber than that were reserved for the children to hunt small game. .45 caliber was the choice for hunting squirrels
class 3 license, you can get it and as long as you dont have any criminal back ground you can get a class 3

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
I'd respectfully like to point out that so far your reasoning for why it will, for sure, definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, pass hasn't been much better.

"anti-smoking bills sail through congress", it's all Obama, and sayin "we didn't see that other one comin" doesn't lend any actual support to why you figure this will pass it just makes you the hookah equivalent of those backwoods militia guys that have their gun-pile continually restocked cus they figure the government is comin for their arms pretty soon. After-all anti-gun legislation sails through congress...

I'm not sayin I got all the answers or evidence either, but if you're going to start pointing out flaws...
exactly, while its not something to totally blow off its something that even at a political level is stupid and will lose re-elections. our country was founded on tobacco and still has a huge part of the economy based on it. the only "good" that could come out of it would be some health improvements over all but economically, politically, socially it doesnt make sense at all and honestly i think there is more support for legalizing some currently illegal substances and banning all fire arms, and neither one of those will happen any time soon

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