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Default I need some HELP

So I bought I spent like $160 on some hookah stuff today at a hookah bar. I can't order off the internet and I don't have anywhere else to buy from, I had to drive an hr and a half just to get to this place. Anyway, I found a "KM" hookah that was marked $100 that I really liked, which was used. Well, I bought the hookah, *came with tongs, washable hose, bowl, gromets, about 50 mouth pieces* dome windcover, 3 50grams of fantasia, 1 100gram of their blue mist, extra mod bowl, vortex bowl. I inspected the hookah/cleaned it very well before I tired it out. I looked for where it was stamped KM on it, and it didn't have it anywhere. It it handmade, and I know it's an egyptian. Besides that, I don't know what it is. I have never seen a KM in person, but I hear the stem has a large diameter. This "KM" is just as thick as my 19" chinese hookah, not any bigger. It's a large vase and 29" with a vortex bowl. Also the stem unscrews into two pieces. What could this be? and Should I keep it?

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