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Default Re: Why is hookah so harmful, but so good? :S

Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
-Instant light coals give off Magnesium and Carbon Monoxide
-All coals give off Carbon Monoxide
-Shisha contains tobacco, they contain very little nicotine and no tar.
-Foil lets off Bromine when burned. Who burns foil?
-Herbal Shisha contains Bagasse, which can cause Pneumonia or Bronchitis
-Using soda cans as wind covers can burn Dioxin from the plastic layer on the inside of the can. Buy a real wind cover.
-Burning soda cans remove creosote from your fireplace, imagine what it can do to your throat/lungs again buy a real wind cover and if you must use a soda can wind cover don't use a blow torch to burn the aluminum.
I fixed your list of "facts".
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