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Smile How to get more flavor out of my Hookah?

Hi, I'm new to smoking hookahs, well smoking my own hookah that is. I currently use a Mya QT, with a Nammor hose, either the standard Mya bowl or a MNH Hookah small phunnel bowl with scali mod. I usually don't huge flavor in my tobacco but I do get HUGE clouds. The clouds are nice but I wish I could get more flavor. I smoked Hookah Freak atomic fire ball and it was AMAZING, but other than that I really havn't got huge flavor bursts. Currently I am smoking Fantasia -Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Banana Split, and Blueberry. I get small flavor out of all three, but no flavor burts. More info on my typical setup. I do clean my hookah thoroughly after every smoke. I use heavy duty aluminum foil with shiny side down and tiny holes poked in a circle throughout the bowl. I use two coca nara on my mya bowl and three coca naras on my phunnel bowl and rotate after 20 minutes or so, starting on the outer edge and moving close to the middle as time goes on. I switch between ice in the bowl/ or just cold water. Occasionally I will use pink lemonade or other juices in the base. I sprinkle the shisha into my bowls to just below the rim, cover, and blow out the bottom before putting on my hookah. Any help that will get me more flavor will be GREATLY appreciated. I feel like I've tried everything and just missing something, or a few small things. Thanks for any advice
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