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Default Re: Why is hookah so harmful, but so good? :S

Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
Really... Why is it, I know it's been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, but why isn't there a healthier alternative yet?

-Instant light coals give off Magnesium.
-Exotica Naturals give off Carbon Monoxide
-Shisha contains tobacco, some contain nicotine and tar. (A given)
-Foil lets off Bromine when burned.
-Herbal Shisha contains Bagasse, which can cause Pneumonia or Bronchitis
-Using soda cans as wind covers can burn Dioxin from the plastic layer on the inside of the can.
-Burning soda cans remove creosote from your fireplace, imagine what it can do to your throat/lungs
-dont use QLs
-anything organic that is burned pretty much will give of CO
-nicotine is not good for you but it is not the evil substance that it is seen as by many and not that addictive on its own (where as cigs add in shit to addict you) and you wont get any tar if you smoke it right
-if you can get your foil to burn you tobacco will have burst into flames and have been so unsmokable your lungs will know about 2000*f before this hapens
-herbal shisha over all is not very good any way
-use a rea wind cover

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