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Default Re: Comming Ban on Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Lakemonster View Post
Hajo brings up the point perfectly.

It boils down to "Flavored Cigs today, flavored tobacco tomorrow."

As with most restrictions...they tend to grow. Just like firearms legislation. Once rights start to wear the cloak of privilege, it all goes sour. Not all at once....but we get "lawed in" over time.

Class 3. True.... but you get screwed there. Price of the weapon if you can find it is outrageous. $200 tax per weapon.... and you gotta make sure you got your papers wherever you go with it. Another problem with that is that some CLEO's wont sign a class 3 trip form even if you are not a threat and have a clean record. The Cleo here wont sign for silencers. "Shall not be infringed" is shot there. Same with 03 licenses. You can buy old stuff direct...but you are subject to .Gov inspecting your collection at their will.

All of this is encroachment on rights AFAIC.
while you are aright about stuff expanding, look at the majority of dems in congress now, they do not even want the words fire arm legislation to be mentioned because they know that it is stupid to try to do so, even if a lot of the reason is based on political reasons they still know it is stupid. and i think when it comes down to it the same thing would happen with tobacco legislation.

and while the class 3 may be infringement it is the best way to keep high power ordinance in proper hands, if it was as easy to get a 50 cal rifle as it is a .22 plinker then they would probably worm their way out to places we dont want them so much. i am pretty cool with the way the gun laws her here in va, they are pretty lax but give enough restriction in the way you go about things to keep the arms where they should be. and with the amount of tobacco companies here in va i also think that any tobacco legislation would be hard pressed to pass.

but again they talk about this stuff all the time, i know camels used to have a huge line of flavors but dont any more here in the states either due to legal action or political pressure and now the only flavored tobacco you can buy at convenience stores are: dip, blunts, and in very few places cloves and their flavored variants.

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