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Default Re: Comming Ban on Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post

Endless ad campaigns: I don't know where you live, but I haven't seen these "ban tobacco ads" flavored or not. In fact, other than the amazingly well positioned Philip Morris funded Truth ads I haven't seen anything on TV about tobacco as of late.

I don’t recall say that the adds call for the banishment of tobacco but hey, why let a little thing like that get in the way of a good strawman? What I did mention is anti tobacco adds which are legion. The fact that the tobacco industry is forced to pay for them hasn’t made them any less prevalent or any less hysterical or inaccurate. But hey, I am sure that a whole bunch of adds are around refuting the like of the truth campaign so it’s all balanced right? But in any case, I am sure that those adds have had no effect as is clearly seen by the widespread popular appeal of the smoker’s rights movement in all the mass media outlets and all the fawning attention that is lavished on my side by celebrates and the educational establishment. Likewise I suppose that the mainstream news media rarely gives any notice to anti-tobacco studies and they naturally are pretty concerned with giving equal exposure to criticism of such studies. Yep, I see now why I was wrong to think that anti-tobacco legislation has any chances of passing given the dearth of media attention given to the cause. Why hell, I’ll bet that any day now I’ll see Colby or someone like Sullum on Opra or the Tonight Show.
I'm not gonna bother reading the rest of that mess, check your editing. I will however comment on the Philip Morris ads, because my field is marketing strategy and advertising, and I'll say this: Through the anti-smoking ads Philip Morris has found the revival of its TV mass media advertising campaign and it's at the people's behest. If you've followed the evolution of these campaigns you may understand what I'm talking about.

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