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Originally Posted by giligan08 View Post
So how can you guys tell if it's a real KM? What are the certain things and where are they on a REAL KM?

You know a Khalil Mamoon hookah is authentic as soon as you pick it up. However it is not as easy when making a purchase online. There are however a few things to look for when making your purchase. Khalil Mamoon almost always stamps their name on the top of the stem (where the tray sits) and on the tray. There are certain styles, which also have the Khalil Mamoon stamp on the hose port (usually found on the full cast hookahs such as the Kafae models). The hose also has a Khalil Mamoon label attached to it and in some cases the Khalil Mamoon name is also printed on the hose itself either on the handle or the main part of the hose.
A common misconception is that the spelling of the English translation of Khalil Mamoon is a way to tell its authenticity. That is not true, since there have been various translations of the name some of which are Khalil Mamoon, Khalil Mamoun and Khalil Mamon. There is a simple explanation for that, lost in translation.
In Conclusion
We know that buying a Khalil Mamoon hookah on the web can be daunting because of the many rumors and misconceptions. We can however assure you that as a reputable hookah retailer who has been in business since 2001, all the Khalil Mamoon items we sell on are 100% authentic. We have made visits to the Khalil Mamoon factory and store in Egypt and met with the Mamoon family personally in order to assure that. We have also made some special requests such as the multiple hose Khalil Mamoons, which many people thought were non-existent.
We are hookah enthusiasts just as much if not more than we are business people. We truly appreciate the art of hookah making and immediately spot honest craftsmanship when we see it. We hope that you will appreciate the craft of traditional hookah making as much as we do. If you decide to make your Khalil Mamoon purchase through us or another retailer, we know that you will be a proud owner for years to come since these hookah hold their value more than any other make on the market. Some models may even gain value depending on the rarity of the piece.
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