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Default Re: Hookah and Beer: Any Fellow Beer Snobs Out There?

Originally Posted by catman View Post
O.K. this is my first post, as tonite i was looking for a sugestion of shisha, cause i have tried al faker, and hookah hookah, and find the only good way is to mix the two... is there some brand that is both, without mixing.... anyway I digress I am a "beer snob"...have brewed my own, and have a record of 200+ that i have tried (running out of locally available, need more away trips....atlantic city beer fest on sat. if you can you should go. any beer you can see thru IE:wheats, lights(not reccomended), pale ales etc. go fine with fruits. anything you can't see thru IE: stouts, porters go well with coffe , chokolate, even licorice <--not spelled right... if in the PA/jersey area I can give specifics.
I do live in Pittsburgh. I think you hit the nail on the head with what you said: Light beer goes well with a lighter shisha and a heavier beer goes well with stronger heavier flavored shishas. This way one doesn't overpower the other and they complement each other.

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