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Default Tombac Bowl

I've gotten a few inquires about my tombac bowl and rather then answer a bunch of people with the same info I figured i'd post it.

Mine is a glazed clay tombac bowl which is not as good as the solid brass versions but those are very expensive and damn hard to get these days although if you the Iranian narghile that is being sold at the hookah company you can get one.

Mine is 2 3/4" U.S. in diameter, has a height about 3 3/4" U.S., the holes are arrayed in a square pattern of 5 holes each of which is 1/4" U.S. in diameter and the depth is 1/2" U.S. which is a bit shallow for the application but fine if you want a shorter session. typically the depth is 3/4" to an inch. The inlet hole which mounts to the stem is about an inch in diameter. The bowl weighs about 6 oz. U.S.

Although the inlet hole is too large for any stem you can buy in the states (save probably the Iranian one I mentioned earlier) I don't have a problem getting a seal since the bowl is heavy and the bottom surface is smooth. Basically it works great for what it's meant to do.

Pictures below.
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