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Default Re: Why is hookah so harmful, but so good? :S

Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
Dunkel, you clearly missed my point. It's probably even my fault for not making it blatantly obvious. Now let me re-fix your list.

~You are probably right when you say all coals give off CO, I don't feel in the mood to research.
~If you have found a way not to put coals on foil, please let us know. Coals burn hotter then most lighters (not butane though.).
~I personally don't have much in the way of extra cash to throw down for a $10 piece of metal. If you want me to get a real windcover, I will send you my paypal information, and feel free to pitch in.
Good day, sir.
i do not see how you think foil burns from a coal. Al burns at 6920F, boils at 4566*f and melts at 1220*f and a piece of char coal does not get hot enough to burn the tobacco even. you need much much much more heat than a coal can produce to burn aluminum

and as to a wind cover, if you are worried about stuff burning off just use foil as a wind cover, its pure and its safe (as long as your not using coated foil). you want to get really spiffy you can go get some AL siding/sheet metal at lowes and make one for probably just a few bucks. a wind cover is not essential to smoking, while it does make it better and easier to manage heat, it is not needed like any other component is

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