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Default Re: How to get more flavor out of my Hookah?

Originally Posted by dukerollz5 View Post
Hey all thanks for all the tips. What would be the best way to preform heat management. I often do have shisha on the bottom of the foil when I take it off... I'll try one less coal. I may be expecting too much. The hookahfreak atomic fireball I tried was just so flavorful. As I drew in you could feel your mouth burning from the cinnamon flavor. It was almost overwhelming. So maybe I am expecting overwhelming flavors all the time. How does fantasia compare to a starbuzz or nakla or any other for that instance. Thanks again for the advice!
As long as it tastes good and not harsh you should be good... I cut my coals in half so you could take off a half

but yeah most fantasia is pretty solid flavs.. Im going be honest never tried the flavs u had cuz they dont apeal to me

but I had to Cuban Mojito yesterday and that shit was powerful.... almost to sweet for a solo session but would be great with friends

i would put fantasia closest to starbuzz
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