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Default Re: Exotica or Coconara?

Originally Posted by Ninorey123 View Post
Wow. never heard of anyone cutting cocos

I just tried this out the other night. Has some Tangiers going in my small phunnel, and I started with 2 whole cocos. Was taking a bit to get going, so I add my windcover.. it was going pretty decent, and then I read about someone cutting cocos on another forum, and was like.. hell lets try it. so I added 1 coco, cut in half, took off the windcover, and had the best session I'd had in a while.. Great big dense clouds, and tons of flavor.

I'm going to try cutting the 2 cocos in half to begin with, and start with 3 halves..

I did notice they didn't go black as easily as a whole does.

Oh, and when I did try exoticas, while I did like they burned constantly, I didn't like the HUGE amount of ash from these things.. it was ridiculous.. cocos do have a fine ash, but there is not a lot. That and exoticas frickin' stink when you light them. Makes me wonder what the hell is in them.
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