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Default Re: KM Amoura Vs. KM Kafae

Originally Posted by intineus View Post
Thanks for everyone's input so far. Why do you recommend a syrian hookah over an egyptian hookah coldgr33ntea? I'm not quite sure what the differences are between all the different origins of hookahs. I guess that may have been a better place to start when trying to decide upon a new hookah, what the strong points are of each type of hookah (syrian, egyptian, etc). This may be a very broad question but if someone doesn't mind explaining what those strong points are that would be a great help!

Well, syrian hookahs are made out of brass. This may seem like a small thing to you, but if you were to picl up a KM stem and a syrian stem, you would notice a huge difference in their weight, the syrian is much much heavier and sturdier than KMs. Also, the brass stays cooler, longer so you get smoother smoke. The thing that some people do not like about syrians is that they have a slightly tighter pull than KMs. Although, some people, including myself like a slight resistance while pulling, otherwise it doesnt feel like your smoking. My syrian hookah has survived many falls off of tables and chairs that landed it on the stem that goes into the water. Most other hookahs would bend from a fall like this.
Remember, this is just my opinion and if you want to get a KM, go for it, im just reccomending something that i think you would be happier with.

Here is my hookah

and here are all the other syrians

good luck and happy smoking

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