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Default Re: like this hookah?

Honestly, If your planning on smoking out of it, no, don't buy it, you can buy a Syrian that would smoke way better than that 150 dollar thing. Now it's very beautiful, but i wouldn't rely on it for smoking, as decoration and to say you've got a pretty authentic hookah, then yes, but i wouldn't smoke out of it, the bowl is huge, and a local bar here uses bowls like this, way to deep and there's no way you can manage your coals, it would be beautiful for a collection, but not for smoking.

Plus it looks like it has a wood stem with a wood downstem. Also it looks very top heavy and easy to flip over.

For 150 bucks go get yourself A Syrian AND a KM, this is only good for show.

And don't let me get started on the hose. NO PURGE!

Just get yourself a good syrian or KM, don't waste your money on a decoration.

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