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Originally Posted by gigdarling25 View Post
i second that!
The Spetsnaz story is pretty cool. During the last couple of years it’s pretty common to see Russians in the coastal portions of Syria as a result of the naval build up and the high amounts of trade between the 2 countries.

Basically, a conference I had got delayed so I went to this café near the harbor in Latakia which had a proximately displayed Dagmar style cross out front which I presume is what attached the Russians to the place.

Anyway, I was hanging out drinking coffee and eating some sweet bread (can’t recall the name) when I saw these four guys with no necks, way too much muscle and as much scar tissue as me but less flab and hair coming up to the counter. They wanted to by liquor but settled for a bunch of Al-Sharq ( locally made beer that has a sort of fruity/citrus quality to it) and a mountain sweets and coffee.

Since my table was the only one that wasn’t filled they sat down offered me a bottle of brew which I accepted but stopped from taking it when I noticed that they all had Spetsnaz tattoos. Do to my previous experiences I was definitely uncomfortable and more then a little panicked.

They looked at me, ask what was up and I said something to the effect that I don’t drink except at diner which is basically true but it was clear that I wasn’t being to honest. One of them ask me where I was from and I said Lithuania (technically true) which spurred another to comment that I sounded like a South African Englisher which sorta surprised me as I assumed that I had lost that accent some time ago. So I shifted a bit, and said “well a bit more to the North actually” . One of Russians said to his mates “he’s a Rhoadie” and another gestured towards my badly scared face and said something like “We did that?” Which prompted me to say no actually is was Mozambicans and Cubans that brought me to my current state. To which one of them shrugged and said “the face suits you better then the tie” and pushed a bottle of Al-Sharq and a plate of food towards me.

I decided I had been rude and accepted the generosity given. We ended up having a nice chat over good about “the life” and I was pleasantly surprised to find my fears unfounded and a nice meal to boot. Life is pretty quirky at times.
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