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Default Re: Ideas for second Hookah

mya is pretty much the top chinese producer of hookahs.
KM is the most trusted egyptian brand.

myas do not purge well, and they have bottle necks in the stems, the ends may be big, but the parts where they screw together tend to be small. the stems feel cheaper than KM stems, although the higher end myas are heavier, they still are cheap on the inside. they are just highly decortated regular mya stems, its like a body kit really.

bottom line, a km purges better and smokes better than a mya, those hoses are better on a KM.

mya's just feel cheap when you hold it next to a km...that being said, you can say that about a km and some nice brass hookahs made in a particular country east of lebanon, west of iraq, and north of jordan.

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