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Default Re: Ideas for second Hookah

Originally Posted by DarkWake View Post
whats the big difference between mya and km?
pretty much like what has been said already with the myas being machine made but i would argue that being machine made does not lead it to being inferior, it produces an extremely consistent product, i dont own a KM so i cannot comment on their quality personally but from others experiences they are quality rigs as well.

honestly the 2 down falls of myas IMHO are the purge quality (or lack there of) and the fact that the stem is harder to clean. how ever the stems are very durable since they are solid brass (even my mya min acrylic has a brass stem) there are a few how ever that are aluminum but personally i dont see a down fall in AL.

as to the bottle neck in myas, some have it and others dont so much, the minis have a slight bottle neck but it is not noticeable even with a nammor hose (remember when air passes through a smaller orifice it just speeds up and increases pressure to do so, if you were passing water through it you would probably notice it but not with air)

for a rig that you may or will transport a mya fits that bill much easier since all of the break down where as the KMs are solid pieces.

to the OP, since you have a mya already (and a medium size one at that) the only advantage you will have is the interchangeability of some parts (like the hose ports and purge valves along with the down stems if you want to adjust the length of them) but honestly its not a huge deal.

i would honestly probably go with the KM for the simple fact that you have a mya so you have a good travel rig and the KM will be a good rig and work well for a stay at home smoke

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