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Default Re: Hookahs in World of Warcraft

Well, i actually use this botting program in wow, its called Glider. What it does is it travels along a series of waypoints and kills stuff for you and farms and everything. So, i can get a character up to level 80 without doing any work, then i either use that character to farm gold, or sell the account. 1000gold sells for about 15$ and accounts go fo $300-500 depending on the server and gear. But yea, without wow, i prolly wouldnt be smoking hookah because its my main source of income (for hookah supplies that is).
But right now the mmoglider is going under a lawsuit and it is temporarily suspended during the appeal process, so ive had a little time to enjoy the game a little more, and that brought my attention upon the hookahs in the game.

and to think that my parents said i would never make money off of video games..
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