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Default Almost killed my GF yesterday!

yesterday after work me and my friend needed to buy a new flavor for our hookah so we bought bluemist (can never go wrong with that). so then my gf meets me up at my house so its us three all together me , my gf, and my friend. So we set up the hookah and were abo ut to smoke and just before we started smoking so informs me that shes allergic to blueberries so i was worried to told her in that case odnt smoke this with us beacuse i dont want you to be sick and she insisted and was like "o no i can smoke this becuase this is artifically chemicall stuff, i need to eat a real blueberry for my allergic reactions to hit" . So im like ok if you say so. So we ran a session smoked no problem everyone was enjoyingthemselves. So im guessing she didnt get sick from the bluemist. So its about 10:30 at night im tlakign to my gf on the ohione and she stopped me in my conversation and said "i cant breath, ill call you back i need to get some fresh air" So i never got a call back last night so i was worried about her and this mourning she texted me sayign that shes osrry that she never called back she had to go to the hospital becuase she had an alleric reaction to the bluemist she had a fever of 106 degrees and her throat was closing on her thats why she couldnt breath. So my gf did get an allergic reaction form the bluemist it just kicked in later cuz it was smoke and took time to build up i guess. Thats the last time she smokes anythig nwith blueberry in it. crazy story
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