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Crappy quicklights and crappy tongs. I was enjoying the beginning of my spring break by having a session when, low and behold, i picked up a lit quicklight with the standard tongs gives you and the coal exploded into several peices. now usually im ok with this since i keep my hookah in a big basket/drawer so the coal is safe to fall off but the force of the explosion and crappy grip of the tongs sent the coal flying towards the carpet. so i ended up with several tiny burns and one massive burn. i was able to cut up the part with the massive burn and replace it with the carpet under my closet but it's not the smoothest job. im so pissed since my parents dont know i smoke and this would be hard to explain without doing any further damage. btw i am 19 but i live with strict parents. well thank you hp for letting me vent. hopefully this never happens to anyone again.
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